Sekiu Airport (11S) for MSFS


Explore the beautiful Olympic Peninsula of the Pacific Northwest!



  • 100% Full PBR technologies used

  • HDR Lighting

  • Slew of carefully hand-crafted objects carefully placed using most recent data available

  • Custom, hand painted pavement, showcasing all imperfections including dirt, cracks, patches, and water puddles

  • Added missing vegetation data in areas surrounding the community of Sekiu

  • Tons of hand placed 3D grass, shrubs, weeds, and much more

  • Added road textures to town around airport and marina

  • Plenty of clutter (crates, barrels, 3D people, boats, vehicles, etc)

  • Corrected Mesh

  • Full rendition of the Seiku marina with docks, HQ 3D boats, and various vehicles

  • Proper airport data (VASI light position and cages, parking spots)

  • Quick support and updates as the SDK evolves

Available at